Flóki Sheep Dung

Sheep shit smoked whisky? Yes you read it right, sheep shit smoked, or sheep dung smoked rather. But before you jump to conclusions, keep in mind that using dried, yes dried, sheep and/or horse manure for smoking meat and for housewarming has a long tradition in Iceland. The Sheep dung is processed and dried over a period of time and then used as a source of fuel, just like peat in Scotland. Peat in Iceland on the other hand, is a bit more difficult to process as it contains lots more ash and as Iceland is a little, or a lot, younger than, let´s say, most other countries it is not as “developed” or “Reverse Developed” so it is a lot more difficult to use as fuel.

Nose: Not too different from the Flóki Young Malt to begin with but after a while it really begins to open up and takes on really unique character. The smoke begins to come through after a while but the whisky feels a little lighter and younger than its brother, the young malt. The bourbon flavour that dominates the Young Malt is a little more shy.

Palate: The smoke is there, but does not come through really until later in the process. Slightly burnt toast and a hint of liquorice/aniseed. If you add water then the bourbon-y flavours wake up, it becomes more sweet and vanilla becomes more prominent.

Finish: This is where the sheep dung smoke really comes through, however as the whisky is only lightly, not peated but “dunged” (ok shitted, you asked for it) it is very, very gentle. It is a shy whisky, needs time in the glass and a little water and if you give it time you’ll reap the rewards with a very gently smoked young whisky with a lovely vanillery, spicy character with a touch of aniseed. A truly authentic whisky, true to its origins and something you absolutely have to try if you are into your malt whiskies.

Click HERE to book a tour at Eimverk distillery in Iceland.

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